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San Luis Rey teachers and staff are happy to assist you with questions or concerns.  Typically we are able to respond to your email within 24 hours. 

Let us know how we can help!  

Contact Janet Aguilar  Janet Aguilar Teacher
Contact Noe Alvarado  Noe Alvarado School Psychologist
Contact Jennifer Andrews  Jennifer Andrews Assistant Principal
Contact Dr. Carla Aranda  Dr. Carla Aranda Principal
Contact Jennifer Capabianco  Jennifer Capabianco Education Specialist K-5
Contact Emily Chamow  Emily Chamow Teacher
Contact Melissa Demidov  Melissa Demidov Teacher
Contact Katherine DePonte  Katherine DePonte Teacher
Contact Maria Escobar  Maria Escobar Teacher
Contact Jacob Ferrick  Jacob Ferrick Lead Custodian
Contact Becky Gemmell  Becky Gemmell Health Clerk
Contact Alma Gomez  Alma Gomez Library Tech
Contact Jessica Goss  Jessica Goss Teacher
Contact Sarah Holmes  Sarah Holmes ex: 2319 Speech Language Pathologist
Contact Mary Hoover  Mary Hoover Teacher
Contact Danielle Johnston  Danielle Johnston School Nurse
Contact Karyn Jones  Karyn Jones Admin. Sec.
Contact Laurie Jones  Laurie Jones Cafeteria Lead
Contact Jennifer Liggan  Jennifer Liggan IA-SE
Contact Jason Lipford  Jason Lipford Music Teacher
Contact Summer Martinez  Summer Martinez Noon Duty Supervisor
Contact Annette McCarthy  Annette McCarthy Teacher
Contact Amanda McCleary  Amanda McCleary Teacher
Contact Lucia Mendez  Lucia Mendez (760) 721-2348 School Community Advisor
Contact Maria Michel  Maria Michel Noon Duty Supervisor
Contact Dione Morgan  Dione Morgan Noon Duty Supervisor
Contact Cori Newsom  Cori Newsom Teacher
Contact Chris Nigro  Chris Nigro Noon Duty Supervisor
Contact Amanda Nuño  Amanda Nuño Bilingual Office Assistant
Contact Andrea Rodriguez  Andrea Rodriguez (760) 721-2300 ex: 2313 Elementary School Counselor
Contact Blair Salmon  Blair Salmon Teacher
Contact Paula Tierney  Paula Tierney Intervention Teacher
Contact Eileen Vanettes  Eileen Vanettes Cafeteria Staff
Contact Richard Villanueva  Richard Villanueva Night Custodian
Contact Jean Wickersham  Jean Wickersham Physical Education
Contact Richard Zimmerman  Richard Zimmerman Teacher