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Boys & Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club of Oceanside

I wanted to share with you some pictures of activities that have taken place at Boys & Girls Club the past week.


On Nov 2nd, we had a Dia de los Muertos Art Gallery that showcased the work of our fifth graders. For the first three months of the school year, we've been having the students focus on different communities throughout Oceanside and what these organizations do for us. With that, the students felt that the art gallery should be based on Dia de los Muertos, to celebrate our ancestors since they were once a huge part of our community. The students had a lot of fun sharing with each other who their ancestors are, creating sugar skulls, and showing their parents their artwork. It was definitely a success!


This week we also began our soccer league with the older students. We've been having them work on different drills, like dribbling and passing, and later on we will begin shooting goals. The kids are extremely excited to be competing against other schools and it has definitely been helpful to use that as an incentive for getting their homework done. Our first game will be Thursday, November 10th at SLR @ 4:00 so we hope you can make it.


Lastly, our Nature/Garden Club has been working very hard growing lettuce, radishes, and cilantro. The kids have been genuinely interested in the club and love going to the garden to dig up holes and plant new seeds. It's helped us teach them healthy eating habits and show them how simple it can be. 


That's all for now! 

Winter Camp 2016

Winter Camp Sign

                                                                                                              Winter Camp Sign
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